Catholic College of Mandeville

CCM – A College with a Mission in Word and Action!

The name “Catholic College of Mandeville” or CCM, is familiar to most of you but not necessarily to all those who read this paper.  I ask your patience as I repeat familiar details in order to set the stage for an interesting update on the continued growth and development, especially current plans for the future, of this young (15 year old) educational institution, one of its kind in the Caribbean!

In 1991, a new diocese was created in Jamaica and was called the Catholic Diocese of Mandeville under the jurisdiction of Bishop Paul M. Boyle, C.P.  Developing education was one of his goals for the diocese, especially the upgrading of teachers in the Catholic schools.  However, after visiting several schools and talking with principals, it became clear that a structured programme providing qualification in teacher education was the route to go in order to assist the teachers, the children, and ultimately Jamaica. Thus was founded the Catholic College of Mandeville!

Mission Statement
In summary, our mission calls us to provide quality tertiary education, in an atmosphere which promotes Christian, ethical and moral standards, and, while maintaining reasonable costs, enables access to this necessary level of qualification for the many needy people including pre-trained teachers (those not yet trained) in this rural part of Jamaica.